Himalayan Mineral Salt Massage

The treatment is a blend between Stone massage, Energy work, Neuromusular techniques and Marma massage to provide a truly holistic comprehensive therapy treatment. Himalayan salts are high in magnesium which soothe, heals, damaged skin , anti-allergens, relaxes muscles and the nervous system. Calcium regulates lipids, it is full of anti-oxidants, aids cell renewal. Potassium helps muscles to keep control over the body, growth of new cells, relieves stress, anxiety and reduces high blood. They are extremely high in negative ions.

A deep detoxifying treatment which starts with a Himalayan foot soak followed by Marma trigger point massage and full body massage using Himalayan stones as part of this unique treatment. This isĀ  even better then the hot stones massage as it pairs energy work with neuromuscular techniques and Marma massage to provide the ultimate holistic treatment for mind and body.